Terms & Conditions




These Policies and Procedures, the Sales Compensation Plan constitutes the complete agreement between a Member and the Company. In order to protect the rights of Members who comply with provisions of the Contract, failure to comply with the provisions of any of these documents may result in the termination of Membership, the loss of a Member's rights to receive a Bonus or other remedies outlined in the Contract. The Company reserves the right to modify any of these documents, but will publish notice of any change at least thirty days before that change is made effective. It is mandatory that all the Policies and Procedures included herein are strictly adhered to. The Policies and Procedures have been prepared for the protection of G2 NETWORK WORLDWIDE SDN. BHD (hereinafter referred to as G2 Network / G2) and it’s Members. Violations can jeopardize both G2 Network business and that of the Member; and will be considered extremely serious and can result in termination and the loss of all Member benefits.


  1. Fill up online all the necessary particulars in Membership Registration Form including the applicant's name, I.C. number, date of birth, e-mail, correspondence address and others.

  1. Read all the terms and conditions carefully before accepting.

  1. The Applicant will receive his/her "access to the web based member facilities" after the Online Registration Form has been submitted and processed.


Members are given two options.

  1. To opt for 10 days cooling off period: In event where member decide to activate cooling off period, they may not run any business transaction and up lines would not receive bonus during this 10 day period. If members decide to opt out of the business during this period, member will be an entitled 100% buy back from the company. Member must return and ensure the product(s) which is unused unpacked and still in good condition.

  1. Waive cooling off period: Members have the right to waive off the cooling off period, therefore new accounts can be immediately activated to run business instantly, and up lines will receive bonus according to the compensation plan. If members decide to opt out of the business during this period, please read the buyback policy below.


Members that decide to opt off the business within the cooling off period from registration.

  1. The member must return and ensure the product(s) which is unused, unpacked and still in good condition. 10% deduction will be charged for admin processing charges.

  1. The company has the right to reverse bonus pay out from account purchaser and also all affected up lines.


  1. Ordering can be made from G2 NETWORK HQ or any of the authorized Stockist or on-line via access to the G2 NETWORK website, http://www.g2network.my

  1. When a Member makes any purchase from the company or its authorized Stockist, payment can be made through the following options:

  • Pay Pal/eghl

  • Cash

  • Bank Transfer (Online or ATM)

  • Credit Card

  • Funds from e-Wallet

  1. Orders are delivered in few ways:

  1. Pick up orders may be collected and claimed at G2 NETWORK office.

    1. Orders can be sent directly to Member’s address by courier.

    1. Orders can be collected at respective Stockist Pick up Centre. (Applicable if orders were placed directly with the Stockist)


It is the responsibility of the Member to verify that an order is complete. Shipping discrepancies must be reported online or in writing, either by mail or email, within ten (10) business days of receipt of the order. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of any missing or damaged items.

The Member is responsible to verify the condition of all orders and refuse delivery of damaged shipments. Should damage be discovered after delivery is accepted, contact Customer Service immediately. Do not attempt to return any shipment to G2 NETWORK without first contacting Customer Service for instructions.


G2 NETWORK assures the quality of its products. If there is any manufacturing defect, G2 NETWORK will offer a replacement for the same product unless specified differently in individual product warranty.


Members shall not repackage or re-label G2 NETWORK product. G2’s Members are not permitted to make any claims, verbal or written, regarding G2’s products unless pre-approved by G2 NETWORK WORLDWIDE SDN BHD.


The bonuses earned by a Member under the G2 compensation plan will be calculated on a daily weekly and monthly basis. If the processing day falls on public holiday(as gazetted by the Malaysian Government), then the bonuses will be processed on the following working day. It will take at least 10 working days for bonus to be transferred to member’s bank account.

For each withdrawal of Bonus, an administration processing fee will be imposed plus any other bank outstation commission charge (if any) and the fee varies from country to country. Members are advised to verify with G2 Network for the fee chargeable in their respective country.


Members is given access to transfer funds from e-Wallet to up lines and down lines however members are restricted to transfer funds to side-lines. Member agrees to indemnify G2 Network for any loss or damage suffered resulting from fund transfers.


Log in password and PIN are very sensitive and must always be kept securely by members. Member must never disclose password or PIN to any party, including all G2’s employees. Loss of information and money due to disclosure or negligence is the responsibility of members. Member agrees to indemnify G2 for any loss or damage resulting in security information leak. There will be a minimal service charge to the member should the password got lost or misplaced.


A Member may update/change some of his/her personal particulars by accessing the G2 official website, www.g2network.my. For other information that is not able to change online due to security reason, these changes can be done by writing or emailing in a letter to G2 via email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

G2 NETWORK reserves the absolute right to amend the Rules & Regulations hereof and in any documents at any time without assigning any reasons or prior notice to the Member.



All the roles and responsibilities for a Member set by G2 are meant to protect the Member's rights and benefits. It does not mean to limit the freedom of a Member in operating his/her business. It also acts as a principle guideline to a G2 Member in acquiring a high standard of morality and ethics.

Please read carefully and abide by the principles stated below.


As G2 Member, I agree to adhere strictly and totally to the following principles in carrying out my day-to-day business.

  1. As my basic principle for doing business, I will uphold the cardinal rule of doing unto others, as I would have them do unto me;

  1. I will uphold and follow the Rules of Conduct and the Code of Ethics of G2 and observe total business etiquette, whilst conducting my business and observing the spirit of these rules.

  1. I will present truthfully and honestly the G2 compensation plan and products as sanctioned in the official G2 literature.

  1. I will be courteous, tactful and prompt in attending to the needs of customers and will follow procedures as set out by G2.

  1. I will always conduct myself as an independent G2 Member in a manner as to reflect only the highest standards of integrity, sincerity and responsibility.

  1. I will respect and carry out the roles and responsibilities of a G2 Member as set forth in the "Roles and Responsibilities of a G2 Member".

  1. I will not make use of any G2's trademark, trade name, logo, copyrighted materials, literature, promotional items or any form of G2 resources for the purpose of generating other business interests.

  1. I will respect and protect the business relationship between myself and G2 management and its respective staff to the fullest and do not do anything to harm the relationship.


A. Eligibility as G2 Member

  1. To be an authorized G2 Member, applicants must be 18 years of age or above.

  2. In order to apply as an authorized Member of G2, applicant must be introduced by an authorized G2 Member and complete the "Online Membership Registration Form".

G2 reserves all rights in accepting or rejecting any application for Membership, without having to give any reasons.

  1. Applicant's Membership will be effective upon your Online Registered Form being submitted successfully.

  1. All rights and benefits provided to a G2 Member by G2 are not transferable.

B. Members' Responsibilities

  1. G2 Member are independent Members operating their own business. They shall not imply that they are employees or agents of G2 nor shall they state or imply that they have any authority to bind or assume obligations for G2.

  1. Members must abide by the Rules of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Policies and Procedures stipulated by G2 NETWORK. If the members did not abide to the above, G2 shall keep and hold all BONUS WALLET and POINT WALLET and not to be paid to the members.

  1. Members are prohibited from exaggerating or making any unsubstantiated claims on G2 products.

  1. When presenting the G2 NETWORK compensation plan, a Member:

a.              Should introduce the plan without any distortion or exaggeration;

b.             Should not mislead the prospect into believing that he/she will be rewarded by merely introducing new Members;

c.              Should not claim that G2 Members need very little or negligible amount of time or individual efforts to succeed in G2;

  1. Member who has engaged in Business Activity may not at any time acquire an interest in or merge with a pre-existing Membership under a different Sponsor. A Member may not have or acquire a present or future ownership interest in or establish another Membership in the name of a family member or an unrelated individual. A Member may not encourage, entice, or otherwise assist another Member to transfer to a different Sponsor. This includes, but is not limited to, offering financial or other tangible incentives for another Member to terminate an existing Membership and then re-sign under a different Sponsor.


When offering the G2 NETWORK business and product to prospects, Members will present the program in its entirety, without omission, distortion or misrepresentation. Any additional offers, representations or agreements made by a Member in connection with the G2's business concept are prohibited and may result in termination of the Membership. Occasionally, one or more individuals may contact the same prospect, resulting in a dispute of the sponsoring rights. A new Member has the right to choose their sponsor. G2 will not mediate such disputes and will recognize as sponsor the person whose name appears as registration form/online signup sent in by the new Member.

No G2 Member may have an ownership interest in, operational or management control of, or derive any benefit directly or indirectly from any subsequent Membership not in the same line of sponsorship as the individual's initial G2 NETWORK WORLDWIDE SDN BHD member account(s).

Placement in Organization. A Member builds a sales organization by sponsoring new Members and placing them in the Organization. The sponsor of any new Member is responsible to place the new Member into his Organization. Following the placement by the sponsoring Member, the new Member may not be moved to any other location in the Organization.

Frequently, up line Members will sponsor new members and place them in another Member's Organization. The G2 Compensation Plan gains its strength by building downward. Members up line and Organization may find themselves building the same leg at the same time.

Changing Of Sponsor

The changing of sponsors is not allowed. Network marketing is a business built upon retail sales of products and upon creating relationships. Once a Member is sponsored, G2 believes in maximum protection of that relationship. An exception would be in the case of a Member using unethical means to sponsor someone. Generally, Members wishing to change sponsors can do so by resigning and then waiting six (6) months prior to re-joining with a new sponsor.

Cross Sponsoring

A Member may not sponsor another G2 Member into any other network marketing company. In addition, no Member may participate in any action that causes another Member to be sponsored through someone else into another network marketing company. An important investment is made when a sponsorship occurs, thus forming a valuable business relationship between two Members. G2 believes it has the responsibility to protect these relationships and regards cross- sponsoring as grounds for termination.

Cross Lining

A Member may not establish accounts in any position other than in the Member's Organization.


  1. All notices and correspondences to the Member by G2 shall be deemed to have been validly served on the Member if sent to the Member at his last known address, email or published at company’s website in the records of G2 or by way of constructive notice if it is advertised in a national newspaper.

  1. In the event of the service of legal process on the Member of G2 including the service of the writ of summons, the legal process shall be deemed to have been serves on the Member 4 days after the same is sent to the aforesaid address of the Member by G2 by way of a pre-paid registered post.

  1. Any notice or communication from a Member to G2 will be effective only when actually received by G2 at its address.


In respect of all present or future claims which G2 or/and its holding company or/and associate or/and its subsidiary, may have against a Member, G2 shall have a right to set off in respect of all funds in the Member's account.


  1. No indulgence or concession granted by G2 and no omission or delay on the part of G2 in exercising any right, power or privilege hereunder shall operate as waiver thereof, nor shall any single or partial exercise of any such right, power or privilege prelude any other right, power or privilege.

  1. The rights, and remedies herein provided are cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by law.


A member may transfer his account to a 3rd party at his nomination subject to the compliance of the following:-

  1. That his account is still valid and subsisting and is not in default with G2; and

  1. That the Member has not contravened any of the provisions of this Agreement; and

  1. That the Member and his transferee will sign the transfer of account agreement and the statutory declaration that they are not bankrupts and pay all the legal expenses arising therefrom; and

  1. That the consent of G2 has been obtained and G2 has the absolute discretion to decide whether to grant the consent or not without having to assign any reason thereto.

  1. That the member agrees to be charged an administration fee for the transfer of an account ownership.


If G2 receives notice of any bankruptcy proceedings in relation to a Member, G2 may suspend all or any operation relating to his account with G2 until G2 is satisfied that such proceedings have been irrevocably discharged. After such suspension, G2 may on its absolute discretion refuse to act in accordance with all or any instructions from the Member.


The terms here shall be binding on a Member's estate and legal personal representatives or on his successors and permitted assignees, whichever the case maybe.


  1. In the event any one or more of the provisions contained in these terms should be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason in any respect under the law of any relevant jurisdiction, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions under the law of any other jurisdiction shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

  1. If any provision in there terms is so held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable but would be valid, legal or enforceable if some part of the provision were deleted, the provision in question shall apply with such modification(s) as any be necessary to make it valid.

  1. In circumstances referred to in the aforesaid clause 1. and if the aforesaid clause 2. does not apply, the parties shall endeavour in good faith negotiations to replace the invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision with valid provisions the economic effect of which comes as close as possible to that of the invalid, illegal or unenforceable provisions.


G2 shall be at liberty to take legal proceedings against a Member in any court of competent jurisdiction and the taking of legal proceedings in any one or more jurisdictions shall not prelude the taking of legal proceedings in any other jurisdiction whether concurrently or not. G2 shall also be at liberty to institute intra-territorial action against and member in any country(s) that G2 is operating.


A Member's rights under the Contract are conditioned upon and subject to the Member's continued performance in accordance with the terms of the Contract. Upon failure by a Member to perform his obligations as set forth in the Contract, the Member's rights cease.

The Company may excuse a Member's non-performance in whole or in part without waiving its rights and remedies under the Contract. Furthermore, in addition to, or in lieu of terminating the Contract, the Company may:

  1. Provide oral or written notification to the Member of the G2's concerns and of the G2's in tent to discontinue the Member's rights under the Contract if the Member's non-performance continues;

  1. Closely monitor the Member's conduct over a specified period of time to ensure performance of the contractual duties by the Member;

  1. Require additional assurances by the Member that performance will be in compliance with the Contract. Further assurances may include requiring the Member to take certain actions in an effort to mitigate or correct the Member’s non-performance.

  1. Deny privileges that are awarded to Members from time to time by the Company or cease performing the Company's obligations under the Contract, including but not limited to, awards, recognition at corporate events or in corporate literature, participation in Company-sponsored events, and placement of product orders;

  1. Discontinue or limit payment of Commissions and Bonuses from all or any part of the Member's and Organization's sales based on the premise that because of the Member's non-compliance, the Member is not entitled to Bonuses and Commissions;

  1. Seek injunctive relief or other remedies available by law.

G2 also has the right at its absolute discretion to terminate or suspend a Member's membership.

With immediate effect in the following circumstances without assigning any reason thereto and the Member agrees and waives any right of claim or compensation against G2 :-

  1. The Member is found to have seriously damaged the business, reputation or operation of G2 or its member network.

  1. The Member is found to have committed any criminal or dishonest act in his private capacity or in his capacity as a Member or independent mobile service point.

  1. The Member has seriously misrepresented G2 business and this includes selling the products below Member's price or misrepresenting the said incentive plans of G2 in any way whatsoever.

  1. The Member has joined or found sponsoring G2 Members to any other network marketing company.

  1. The Member is found to have contravened any of the provisions of the Agreement.

  1. Engaging in re-selling of G2 NETWORK products.

  2. The member had not fulfill the monthly maintainance of 100PV in 3 consecutive months. It is classified as inactive account. G2 have the right to close the account. All values in the account will be void.

Article 1  

Violating any of the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement or any amendment or modification thereof or any rules and regulations made by G2 from time to time which in the opinion of G2 has caused or likely to cause damage to G2 or its reputation, or G2 Group companies or their reputation.

Article 2

Use of deceitful or misleading means to promote or sell products and services or to solicit others to participate in sales organisations.

Article 3

Making use of stratified direct selling activities for profiteering purposes.

Article 4

Conducting sales activities by creating disruption to public order or by means of anti-social behaviour.

Article 5

Engaging in illegal, immoral, unauthorised or unorthodox activities to distort the orderly conduct of the market, causing serious damage to the consumer.

Article 6 

Engaging in direct selling activities that contravene the laws of Malaysia.

Article 7 

Engaging in re-selling of G2 NETWORK product.

Article 8 

Influencing an existing member to move to another organisation within G2 NETWORK.

Article 9 

Moving to another organisation within G2 or its companies.

Article 10 

Influencing an existing member to refer unreasoned issues about the company, its top management and staff.

Article 11

All income derived from G2 NETWORK activities must be reported accurately, truly and honestly to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia in accordance with the taxation laws of Malaysia. Members shall be solely responsible to pay any tax due from their income from G2 NETWORK. A withholding tax of 10% will be deducted from the bonus payable to any foreigner (Non-Malaysian).

1) The Member has seriously misrepresented G2 business and this includes selling the products below Member's price or misrepresenting the said incentive plans of G2 in any way whatsoever.

2) The Member has joined or found sponsoring G2 Members to any other network marketing company.

3) The Member is found to have contravened any of the provisions of the Agreement.

4) Engaging in re-selling of G2 NETWORK products.

5) The member had not fulfill the monthly maintainance of 100PV in 3 consecutive months. It is classified as inactive account. G2 have the right to close the account. All values in the account will be void.

Article 12

G2 NETWORK has the right to hold and stop any BONUS WALLET payment to members if members did not abide by the Rules of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Policies and Procedures stipulated by G2 NETWORK.


Article 1

For registration of Non-Malaysian Citizens who does not have a valid working permit, it is required to submit Valid Passport with more than 6 months valid period.

Article 2

Any ex-member of G2 due to voluntary termination of membership shall be entitled to apply to become members of G2 again 6 months thereafter.

Article 3

The Members of G2 engaging in the business activities of G2 NETWORK WORLWIDE SDN BHD must make tax return honestly in accordance with the law of Malaysia and pay tax accordingly. Tax evasion is not allowed.


Article 1

Up line may make enquiry of data of down line, provided such enquiry is restricted to the names and registration numbers of the down line. No other information will be furnished without the express consent of the member concerned. Down line is not entitled to make enquiry of data of up line.

Article 2

G2 NETWORK reserves the right to expand and develop markets outside Malaysia. Members’ trading activities are restricted and limited to Malaysia retail only. No attempt shall be made to export G2 products or their related facilities. Any contravention of laws outside Malaysia will be the sole responsibility of the individual member.

Article 3

Sound and video recordings made during G2 public activities or events such as initiation presentations, group travel, and ceremonies shall be made available to G2 for the production of sales aids and/or for such purposes as G2 may require. Members hereby waive all his/her/their copyright and intellectual property rights in such materials and agree that copyright and intellectual property rights relating thereto belong to G2. Members shall submit to G2 such materials as and when so requested by G2, and will execute such deeds, documents or agreements when requested by G2 to vest ownership of the copyright and intellectual property rights in such materials to G2 NETWORK WORLDWIDE S/B.

Article 4

In the event that a member has distorted or misrepresented G2 marketing plans or the effect of its products, or those of its group companies, G2 has the right to suspend the membership of that member until he/she has corrected the mistake, and the right of supervision to rectify the mistake.

Article 5

In the case of disputes between G2 and its members, the laws of Malaysia shall apply. G2 and its members agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Malaysia courts and that the losing party shall bear all legal costs and damages.

Article 6

All efforts have been made to conform to the laws of Malaysia in the making of this Membership Agreement. In the case of any conflict, the laws of Malaysia shall prevail.

Article 7

Should there be any conflict between the English version, the Malay version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.


Our business has been built on the trust and confidence our members place on us. Accordingly, we have a duty to safeguard and keep confidential any information relating our members. In addition to our duty of confidentiality to members, we shall at all times fully observe the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Malaysia in collecting, maintaining and using the personal data of members.


  1. Member with an active status are eligible for member benefits, commissions and website facilities.

  1. Members that purchase minimum of 200 PV during a 30 days cycle will have his/her account set to ACTIVE. Members with ACTIVE status are able to received bonuses.

  1. Member that does not have ACTIVE status for 90 days will have his/her account set to DORMANT. Member with DORMANT status are restricted from sponsoring new members and receiving bonuses. Members with DORMANT status need to write an official letter to G2 in order to RE-ACTIVATE the account. A service fee of RM50 will be charged to the DORMANT member in order to RE-ACTIVATE the account. Members need to purchase 100PV worth of product in a single receipt to set the account to ACTIVE.

  1. All members who wish to resign as G2 member need to send in an official letter to G2 HQ. There will be a period of 90 days from the date of the received letter for the BONUS WALLET to be paid direct to the members account. As for POINT WALLET will not be convert to cash. For the members who still has POINT WALLET, it can only be changed to G2 products only according to the retail price RM280.00/ 1 product. The equivalent of RM1 – 1 point will be counted in the POINT WALLET.

  1. Another alternative way if the members still wants CASH based from the PONT WALLET, members need to ACTIVE the account and make CURRENT MAINTAINANCE. Registers new members using the POINT WALLET and earn BONUS WALLET which we will transfer CASH to your bank account. We will deduct 10% as service charge from the BONUS WALLET.


G2 reserves the right in adjusting or modifying any of the clauses pertaining to the Rules of Conduct stated in this manual or Rules and Regulations in any other literature. All information are available at the official website of G2 which is at http://www.g2network.my and G2 shall not be responsible for the accuracy of information of the same obtained elsewhere.


All translations of this manual are based on the English version. In the event that there is any inconsistency in the meaning of the English version of this Agreement, the English version shall prevail.


The contents of this document are provided for general information and do not constitute legal advice. Members should seek legal advice from their own lawyer.